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Bullet::btTypedConstraintFloatData Class Reference

#include <bullet.h>

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Public Attributes

char * m_name
int m_objectType
int m_userConstraintType
int m_userConstraintId
int m_needsFeedback
float m_appliedImpulse
float m_dbgDrawSize
int m_disableCollisionsBetweenLinkedBodies
int m_overrideNumSolverIterations
float m_breakingImpulseThreshold
int m_isEnabled

Detailed Description

Definition at line 671 of file bullet.h.

Member Data Documentation

float Bullet::btTypedConstraintFloatData::m_appliedImpulse

Definition at line 681 of file bullet.h.

float Bullet::btTypedConstraintFloatData::m_breakingImpulseThreshold

Definition at line 685 of file bullet.h.

float Bullet::btTypedConstraintFloatData::m_dbgDrawSize

Definition at line 682 of file bullet.h.

int Bullet::btTypedConstraintFloatData::m_disableCollisionsBetweenLinkedBodies

Definition at line 683 of file bullet.h.

int Bullet::btTypedConstraintFloatData::m_isEnabled

Definition at line 686 of file bullet.h.

char* Bullet::btTypedConstraintFloatData::m_name

Definition at line 676 of file bullet.h.

int Bullet::btTypedConstraintFloatData::m_needsFeedback

Definition at line 680 of file bullet.h.

int Bullet::btTypedConstraintFloatData::m_objectType

Definition at line 677 of file bullet.h.

int Bullet::btTypedConstraintFloatData::m_overrideNumSolverIterations

Definition at line 684 of file bullet.h.

btRigidBodyFloatData* Bullet::btTypedConstraintFloatData::m_rbA

Definition at line 674 of file bullet.h.

btRigidBodyFloatData* Bullet::btTypedConstraintFloatData::m_rbB

Definition at line 675 of file bullet.h.

int Bullet::btTypedConstraintFloatData::m_userConstraintId

Definition at line 679 of file bullet.h.

int Bullet::btTypedConstraintFloatData::m_userConstraintType

Definition at line 678 of file bullet.h.

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