SIGGRAPH 2011 course, Bullet 2.78 out, job opening

We are organizing a course on destruction and dynamics for game and film production for the SIGGRAPH 2011 conference in Vancouver. It will be held on Sunday August 7 from 2-5.15PM. Aside from this we released Bullet 2.78 a while ago. This release adds the option for contact generation between convex polyhedra using contact clipping […]

Fast Multiphysics for Softimage uses Bullet (Exocortex Momentum 2.0)

Exocortex is pleased to announce that Momentum 2.0, the ultimate high speed multiphysics simulator, is now immediately available for Autodesk Softimage 2010, 2011 and 2012. Exocortex Momentum 2.0, because it relies on the industrial strength Bullet physics framework, provides robust support for Rigid Bodies, Soft Bodies, Cloth, Ropes, Constraints, Interactions and Attachments. Try or buy […]

Bullet at GDC 2011 Physics Tutorial, Double Fine ‘Stacking’

The presentation is titled ‘game physics artifacts’ and covers similar material to chapter 2 of the Game Physics Pearls book. We will use both Bullet and the new Sony Physics Effects SDK to illustrate some examples. You can download the presentation for the Game Developers Conference Physics Tutorial and the preliminary Physics Effects-Bullet integration from […]

Happy 2011: 3DMark 11 uses Bullet Physics, FXGuide Interview

The latest Futuremark 3DMark 11 uses Bullet Physics in both CPU and GPU benchmarks using Microsoft DirectCompute. For more info see this whitepaper. Check out this recent interview with Coumans recently started at Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), having worked at Sony Computer Entertainment in R&D. “At AMD I will continue and expand the work […]

Hydro Thunder Hurricane for XBox 360 Live Arcade using Bullet

The Postmortem on Hydro Thunder Hurricane on mentioned the use of Bullet Physics for their game: “I should mention also that we didn’t build everything ourselves: We used FMOD for audio, Bullet for collisions and rigid body physics, and the truly wonderful Subversion (specifically TortoiseSVN) for version control.” Thanks to Colin Barrett for reporting this […]

PDI Dreamworks Megamind, Shrek 4 and ‘How to train your dragon’ are using Bullet

We learned that Megamind, Shrek 4 and How to train your dragon are using Bullet physics for rigid body simulation. For Megamind, PDI build their own destruction system on top of the Bullet solver. Megamind is out in the cinemas on November 5th.

Cinema 4D 12 Dynamics using Bullet adds constraints, springs, soft body and .bullet export

From the Maxon website, the latest Cinema 4D release 12 adds improved Bullet Dynamics support: “Drop everything and let the laws of physics take over with the new rigid body dynamics in CINEMA 4D Studio. Based on the production-proven Bullet engine, the dynamic simulations are rock-solid stable and simple to use. Simulations can include thousands […]

Bullet in SIGGRAPH collision detection course, Toy Story 3 game, Sherlock Holmes and A-Team movie

On Monday July 25th, 2-5PM at the SIGGRAPH conference in Los Angeles we  discussed recent improvements in the Bullet collision detection pipeline in our SIGGRAPH course “Recent Advances in Real-Time Collision and Proximity Computations for Games and Simulations“. Thanks for all questions and feedback! See the slides here. Disney Avalanche just shipped their Toy Story […]

Plans have changed (was AMD is giving away GPU physics tools with DMM2 and Bullet)

August 2011 update: Plans have changed, a free version of the DMM plugin is part of Autodesk Maya 2012. See the obsolete press release at Related link:

Bullet 2.76 out, new binary .bullet file format with Maya and Blender authoring tool support

The new Bullet 2.76 SDK includes several new features and improvements. The new btInternalEdgeUtility avoid collisions against internal edges for smooth sliding along a triangle mesh. The cross-platform cmake build system support is improved and preparations are made towards upcoming OpenCL GPU acceleration for Bullet 3.x. The new binary file format improves current and future […]

Zero Gear and Cocoto games are using Bullet Physics

January 12th marks the official release date of the PC kart game Zero Gear by NimbleBit! For the low price of only $19.99 you can beat up your friends in 18 different levels, in customizable karts and characters. Play with physically based weapons, earn achievements and compete in many different game modes. It uses Bullet […]

Happy Holidays everyone, and … Lightwave CORE goes Bullet!

Jay Roth President, 3D Product Division at NewTek. 2009-12-08. “DYNAMICS: Functionality based on the popular Open Source Bullet Physics Library, one of the best physics libraries on the market today. See

2012 uses Bullet

Digital Domain and Sony Pictures used Bullet Physics Simulation for a lot of the rigid body special effects in the movie 2012. and CG Society have more details about the special FX in this movie, or you can check out the upcoming Issue 120 of Cinefex. Apart from the Maya Bullet Dynamica plugin, Cinema 4D 11.5 Bullet […]

Madagascar Kartz for PS3, 360, Wii uses the Bullet Physics Library

Kester reports that Madagascar Kartz uses Bullet and an improved version of its btRaycastVehicle in their upcoming 4-player splitscreen racing game. He also shares some experiences on how to improve the vehicle simulation. The Dreamworks franchise is published by Activition and is available from October 27th for all game consoles. Check out the YouTube video.