Creating a project from scratch

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Creating a project from scratch using Visual Studio

Creating a project from scratch using XCode

Assume we downloaded bullet-2.x.tgz and unzipped it into a folder /Users/name/develop, we will have for example: /Users/name/develop/bullet-2.72

  • Create a new C++ console application, using XCode:


  • put it in next to bullet-2.x, in the develop folder:


  • Open the main.cpp file and add #include "btBulletDynamicsCommon.h":


  • Edit the project settings


  • Add the bullet-2.x/src folder:

Image:addbulletsrcinclude.png Image:addbulletsrcinclude1.png

  • Now build the project:

Image:buildxcode.png From here, continue to the HelloWorld tutorial.

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