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Agent K-10 versus The Awesome Fair


In a world of all animal-like cartoon persons, there is a isle called "The awesome Fair Isle that break your pockets from Dr Lazarus". Its a gigantic isle in middle of ocean and one big Fair on it, of course. Our protagonist its an dog k-9 working like vigilant, dreaming be a hero someday inside his place. His girlfriend, Gloria, works for Dr Lazarus (one bear insatible for the money), its his secretary. She have one strange necklace, it take the attention of all body. In the night, shadows of one helicopter appears in he isle. Its FlakeFace, one bad and know criminal sciencist aligator. He build a new machine, Monster-o-Matic , one machine it transforms all in a big area in a big place randomenes and cracy. Can make the inanimated things in animated and dangerous ! Now the Fair its a crazy place, with toys everywhere making competitions with our hero. Now must gain tickets in a new dangerous shoot galeries, extrange races (like running inside a hamster ball) and solving puzzles. Gloria, she has been kidnaped for something extrange of her necklace and Dr Lazarus too.

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