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The example browser is part of the Bullet Physics repository and shows the Bullet Physics API's capabilities using multiple Demos. As the API is enhanced with new features, usually an Example is added to show how to use the new feature. The example browser and the rest of the example framework have a lot of capabilities, and each example can still be compiled without using the example browser, as standalone console application (no OpenGL) or as standalone OpenGL app. In the future, it may add iOS and Android support using OpenGL ES, and support for VR using Oculus Rift and HTC Vive etc.

The in-progress Python binding will also help some users who are not so familiar with C++, experimenting with Bullet.

Under-the-Hood of the Browser

Do you want to understand more about the ExampleBrowser and its most important examples classes, then look at Understanding the Bullet ExampleBrowser framework.


The example browser contains the tutorial code of the Tutorials, which provides the best chances for the Tutorial to stay up-to-date.


If you are missing a certain example and you are willing to add it to the Example Browser, follow the Add example to Example browser. However, whether you want to add it yourself or not, it is probably best to ask on the Bullet Forum if other people feel the need for such an example. Otherwise you put a lot of effort in it and then you are disappointed because it will not be added.

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