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I dream of rain

I dream of rain


54 megabytes

De s c r i p t i o n


A light house. Not for an ocean, but for a sea of trees. Mounted upon a mountain, this age old house acts as a "light" in the wilderness. When travelers get lost in the deep forest green, this house is their only hope for finding a way out.

personal setting

This short project occurred to me through a dream 26 months ago. I even tried to recreate my dream once before... only to find myself facing failure. Think of this as "Take two".

-u p d a t e l o g-

november 8, 2009- pre-production

november 15, 2009- created background props

november 22, 2009- designed landscape

november 28, 2009- first "playable" demo

december 6, 2009- unmapped dinner room

december 13, 2009- modeled and unmapped kitchen counter

december 20, 2009- concept

december 27, 2009- textured props and kitchen.

january 3, 2010- finished outside terrain

january 10, 2010- Working on sound effects.

january 17, 2010- Working on scripts.

january 24, 2010- Building a cupola.

february 7, 2010- Beginning helicopter model.

february 14, 2010- Working on cinematic finish.

february 21, 2010- Touch-ups.

february 28, 2010- Finish!

Note, updates occurred every Sunday.

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