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There are five states a rigid body could be in:

Means active so that the object having the state could be moved in a step simulation. This is the "normal" state for an object to be in. Use btCollisionObject::activate() to activate an object, not btCollisionObject::setActivationState(ACTIVATE_TAG), or it may get disabled again right away, as the deactivation timer has not been reset.
Makes a body active forever, used for something like a player-controlled object.
Does the opposite, making a body deactivated forever.
Means the body, and it's island, are asleep, since Bullet sleeps objects per-island. You probably don't want or need to set this one manually.
Means that it's an active object trying to fall asleep, and Bullet is keeping an eye on its velocity for the next few frames to see if it's a good candidate. You probably don't want or need to set this one manually.


Change the state. Use one of the constants listed above.

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