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PostPosted: Thu Jan 12, 2012 6:04 pm 

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Nor am I able to get rigid body masses to behave properly. For example, I have a blender program with two mesh cylinders moving toward each other, each spinning along its long axis (like a rolling pencil), and when they collide, rather than recoiling, they move around each other and continue on their way, albeit with some collision-induced wobbling. This, despite having their anisotropic friction levels set at 0.00001. (Setting them at zero seems to result in even more friction - I assume some baseline level is used, rather than actual zero.)

Moreover, if I set the mass of one at 100, while the other is at 1.0, initially they'll both move in the direction of the more massive cylinder, but soon the less massive one has slid past, and is moving at its original velocity, rather than recoiling in the opposite direction, i.e., rather than having its velocity reversed.

Is this because I have something set wrong in the logic editor (e.g., giving the cylinders both linear and angular velocities, which I thought were only initial states, but which may actually be reverted to after collisions)? (I don't know of another way to give them initial velocities, besides in the logic editor.)

My sincere apologies if Blender Bullet Physics questions aren't welcome here. I'm assuming that Bullet Physics works in Blender pretty much the same way it works elsewhere...

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