Bullet Collision Detection & Physics Library
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gjkepa2_impl::EPA::sFace Struct Reference
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Public Attributes

btVector3 n
btScalar d
sSVc [3]
sFacef [3]
sFacel [2]
U1 e [3]
U1 pass

Detailed Description

Definition at line 510 of file btGjkEpa2.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

sSV* gjkepa2_impl::EPA::sFace::c[3]

Definition at line 514 of file btGjkEpa2.cpp.

btScalar gjkepa2_impl::EPA::sFace::d

Definition at line 513 of file btGjkEpa2.cpp.

U1 gjkepa2_impl::EPA::sFace::e[3]

Definition at line 517 of file btGjkEpa2.cpp.

sFace* gjkepa2_impl::EPA::sFace::f[3]

Definition at line 515 of file btGjkEpa2.cpp.

sFace* gjkepa2_impl::EPA::sFace::l[2]

Definition at line 516 of file btGjkEpa2.cpp.

btVector3 gjkepa2_impl::EPA::sFace::n

Definition at line 512 of file btGjkEpa2.cpp.

U1 gjkepa2_impl::EPA::sFace::pass

Definition at line 518 of file btGjkEpa2.cpp.

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