Bullet Collision Detection & Physics Library
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gjkepa2_impl::EPA Struct Reference
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struct  eStatus
struct  sFace
struct  sHorizon
struct  sList

Public Types

typedef GJK::sSV sSV

Public Member Functions

 EPA ()
void Initialize ()
eStatus::_ Evaluate (GJK &gjk, const btVector3 &guess)
bool getedgedist (sFace *face, sSV *a, sSV *b, btScalar &dist)
sFacenewface (sSV *a, sSV *b, sSV *c, bool forced)
sFacefindbest ()
bool expand (U pass, sSV *w, sFace *f, U e, sHorizon &horizon)

Static Public Member Functions

static void bind (sFace *fa, U ea, sFace *fb, U eb)
static void append (sList &list, sFace *face)
static void remove (sList &list, sFace *face)

Public Attributes

eStatus::_ m_status
GJK::sSimplex m_result
btVector3 m_normal
btScalar m_depth
sSV m_sv_store [EPA_MAX_VERTICES]
sFace m_fc_store [EPA_MAX_FACES]
U m_nextsv
sList m_hull
sList m_stock

Detailed Description

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Member Typedef Documentation

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gjkepa2_impl::EPA::EPA ( )

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Member Function Documentation

static void gjkepa2_impl::EPA::append ( sList list,
sFace face 

Definition at line 566 of file btGjkEpa2.cpp.

static void gjkepa2_impl::EPA::bind ( sFace fa,
U  ea,
sFace fb,
U  eb 

Definition at line 561 of file btGjkEpa2.cpp.

eStatus::_ gjkepa2_impl::EPA::Evaluate ( GJK gjk,
const btVector3 guess 

Definition at line 594 of file btGjkEpa2.cpp.

bool gjkepa2_impl::EPA::expand ( U  pass,
sSV w,
sFace f,
U  e,
sHorizon horizon 

Definition at line 794 of file btGjkEpa2.cpp.

sFace* gjkepa2_impl::EPA::findbest ( )

Definition at line 779 of file btGjkEpa2.cpp.

bool gjkepa2_impl::EPA::getedgedist ( sFace face,
sSV a,
sSV b,
btScalar dist 

Definition at line 698 of file btGjkEpa2.cpp.

void gjkepa2_impl::EPA::Initialize ( )

Definition at line 583 of file btGjkEpa2.cpp.

sFace* gjkepa2_impl::EPA::newface ( sSV a,
sSV b,
sSV c,
bool  forced 

Definition at line 734 of file btGjkEpa2.cpp.

static void gjkepa2_impl::EPA::remove ( sList list,
sFace face 

Definition at line 574 of file btGjkEpa2.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

btScalar gjkepa2_impl::EPA::m_depth

Definition at line 548 of file btGjkEpa2.cpp.

sFace gjkepa2_impl::EPA::m_fc_store[EPA_MAX_FACES]

Definition at line 550 of file btGjkEpa2.cpp.

sList gjkepa2_impl::EPA::m_hull

Definition at line 552 of file btGjkEpa2.cpp.

U gjkepa2_impl::EPA::m_nextsv

Definition at line 551 of file btGjkEpa2.cpp.

btVector3 gjkepa2_impl::EPA::m_normal

Definition at line 547 of file btGjkEpa2.cpp.

GJK::sSimplex gjkepa2_impl::EPA::m_result

Definition at line 546 of file btGjkEpa2.cpp.

eStatus::_ gjkepa2_impl::EPA::m_status

Definition at line 545 of file btGjkEpa2.cpp.

sList gjkepa2_impl::EPA::m_stock

Definition at line 553 of file btGjkEpa2.cpp.

sSV gjkepa2_impl::EPA::m_sv_store[EPA_MAX_VERTICES]

Definition at line 549 of file btGjkEpa2.cpp.

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