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btMultiBodyLinkDoubleData Struct Reference

#include <btMultiBody.h>

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Public Attributes

btQuaternionDoubleData m_zeroRotParentToThis
btVector3DoubleData m_parentComToThisComOffset
btVector3DoubleData m_thisPivotToThisComOffset
btVector3DoubleData m_jointAxisTop [6]
btVector3DoubleData m_jointAxisBottom [6]
char * m_linkName
char * m_jointName
btVector3DoubleData m_linkInertia
double m_linkMass
int m_parentIndex
int m_jointType
int m_dofCount
int m_posVarCount
double m_jointPos [7]
double m_jointVel [6]
double m_jointTorque [6]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 712 of file btMultiBody.h.

Member Data Documentation

int btMultiBodyLinkDoubleData::m_dofCount

Definition at line 733 of file btMultiBody.h.

btVector3DoubleData btMultiBodyLinkDoubleData::m_jointAxisBottom[6]

Definition at line 718 of file btMultiBody.h.

btVector3DoubleData btMultiBodyLinkDoubleData::m_jointAxisTop[6]

Definition at line 717 of file btMultiBody.h.

char* btMultiBodyLinkDoubleData::m_jointName

Definition at line 722 of file btMultiBody.h.

double btMultiBodyLinkDoubleData::m_jointPos[7]

Definition at line 735 of file btMultiBody.h.

double btMultiBodyLinkDoubleData::m_jointTorque[6]

Definition at line 737 of file btMultiBody.h.

int btMultiBodyLinkDoubleData::m_jointType

Definition at line 728 of file btMultiBody.h.

double btMultiBodyLinkDoubleData::m_jointVel[6]

Definition at line 736 of file btMultiBody.h.

btCollisionObjectDoubleData* btMultiBodyLinkDoubleData::m_linkCollider

Definition at line 723 of file btMultiBody.h.

btVector3DoubleData btMultiBodyLinkDoubleData::m_linkInertia

Definition at line 725 of file btMultiBody.h.

double btMultiBodyLinkDoubleData::m_linkMass

Definition at line 726 of file btMultiBody.h.

char* btMultiBodyLinkDoubleData::m_linkName

Definition at line 721 of file btMultiBody.h.

btVector3DoubleData btMultiBodyLinkDoubleData::m_parentComToThisComOffset

Definition at line 715 of file btMultiBody.h.

int btMultiBodyLinkDoubleData::m_parentIndex

Definition at line 727 of file btMultiBody.h.

int btMultiBodyLinkDoubleData::m_posVarCount

Definition at line 734 of file btMultiBody.h.

btVector3DoubleData btMultiBodyLinkDoubleData::m_thisPivotToThisComOffset

Definition at line 716 of file btMultiBody.h.

btQuaternionDoubleData btMultiBodyLinkDoubleData::m_zeroRotParentToThis

Definition at line 714 of file btMultiBody.h.

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