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btPrimitiveTriangle Class Reference

#include <btTriangleShapeEx.h>

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Public Member Functions

 btPrimitiveTriangle ()
void buildTriPlane ()
bool overlap_test_conservative (const btPrimitiveTriangle &other)
 Test if triangles could collide. More...
void get_edge_plane (int edge_index, btVector4 &plane) const
 Calcs the plane which is paralele to the edge and perpendicular to the triangle plane. More...
void applyTransform (const btTransform &t)
int clip_triangle (btPrimitiveTriangle &other, btVector3 *clipped_points)
 Clips the triangle against this. More...
bool find_triangle_collision_clip_method (btPrimitiveTriangle &other, GIM_TRIANGLE_CONTACT &contacts)
 Find collision using the clipping method. More...

Public Attributes

btVector3 m_vertices [3]
btVector4 m_plane
btScalar m_margin
btScalar m_dummy

Detailed Description

Definition at line 74 of file btTriangleShapeEx.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

btPrimitiveTriangle::btPrimitiveTriangle ( )

Definition at line 81 of file btTriangleShapeEx.h.

Member Function Documentation

void btPrimitiveTriangle::applyTransform ( const btTransform t)

Definition at line 108 of file btTriangleShapeEx.h.

void btPrimitiveTriangle::buildTriPlane ( )

Definition at line 87 of file btTriangleShapeEx.h.

int btPrimitiveTriangle::clip_triangle ( btPrimitiveTriangle other,
btVector3 clipped_points 

Clips the triangle against this.

clipped_points must have MAX_TRI_CLIPPING size, and this triangle must have its plane calculated.
the number of clipped points

Definition at line 89 of file btTriangleShapeEx.cpp.

bool btPrimitiveTriangle::find_triangle_collision_clip_method ( btPrimitiveTriangle other,

Find collision using the clipping method.

this triangle and other must have their triangles calculated

Definition at line 126 of file btTriangleShapeEx.cpp.

void btPrimitiveTriangle::get_edge_plane ( int  edge_index,
btVector4 plane 
) const

Calcs the plane which is paralele to the edge and perpendicular to the triangle plane.

this triangle must have its plane calculated.

Definition at line 101 of file btTriangleShapeEx.h.

bool btPrimitiveTriangle::overlap_test_conservative ( const btPrimitiveTriangle other)

Test if triangles could collide.

class btPrimitiveTriangle

Definition at line 65 of file btTriangleShapeEx.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

btScalar btPrimitiveTriangle::m_dummy

Definition at line 80 of file btTriangleShapeEx.h.

btScalar btPrimitiveTriangle::m_margin

Definition at line 79 of file btTriangleShapeEx.h.

btVector4 btPrimitiveTriangle::m_plane

Definition at line 78 of file btTriangleShapeEx.h.

btVector3 btPrimitiveTriangle::m_vertices[3]

Definition at line 77 of file btTriangleShapeEx.h.

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