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btManifoldPoint Class Reference

ManifoldContactPoint collects and maintains persistent contactpoints. More...

#include <btManifoldPoint.h>

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Public Member Functions

 btManifoldPoint ()
 btManifoldPoint (const btVector3 &pointA, const btVector3 &pointB, const btVector3 &normal, btScalar distance)
btScalar getDistance () const
int getLifeTime () const
const btVector3getPositionWorldOnA () const
const btVector3getPositionWorldOnB () const
void setDistance (btScalar dist)
btScalar getAppliedImpulse () const
 this returns the most recent applied impulse, to satisfy contact constraints by the constraint solver More...

Public Attributes

btVector3 m_localPointA
btVector3 m_localPointB
btVector3 m_positionWorldOnB
btVector3 m_positionWorldOnA
 m_positionWorldOnA is redundant information, see getPositionWorldOnA(), but for clarity More...
btVector3 m_normalWorldOnB
btScalar m_distance1
btScalar m_combinedFriction
btScalar m_combinedRollingFriction
btScalar m_combinedRestitution
int m_partId0
int m_partId1
int m_index0
int m_index1
void * m_userPersistentData
bool m_lateralFrictionInitialized
btScalar m_appliedImpulse
btScalar m_appliedImpulseLateral1
btScalar m_appliedImpulseLateral2
btScalar m_contactMotion1
btScalar m_contactMotion2
btScalar m_contactCFM1
btScalar m_contactCFM2
int m_lifeTime
btVector3 m_lateralFrictionDir1
btVector3 m_lateralFrictionDir2

Detailed Description

ManifoldContactPoint collects and maintains persistent contactpoints.

used to improve stability and performance of rigidbody dynamics response.

Definition at line 42 of file btManifoldPoint.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

btManifoldPoint::btManifoldPoint ( )

Definition at line 45 of file btManifoldPoint.h.

btManifoldPoint::btManifoldPoint ( const btVector3 pointA,
const btVector3 pointB,
const btVector3 normal,
btScalar  distance 

Definition at line 59 of file btManifoldPoint.h.

Member Function Documentation

btScalar btManifoldPoint::getAppliedImpulse ( ) const

this returns the most recent applied impulse, to satisfy contact constraints by the constraint solver

Definition at line 147 of file btManifoldPoint.h.

btScalar btManifoldPoint::getDistance ( ) const

Definition at line 122 of file btManifoldPoint.h.

int btManifoldPoint::getLifeTime ( ) const

Definition at line 126 of file btManifoldPoint.h.

const btVector3& btManifoldPoint::getPositionWorldOnA ( ) const

Definition at line 131 of file btManifoldPoint.h.

const btVector3& btManifoldPoint::getPositionWorldOnB ( ) const

Definition at line 136 of file btManifoldPoint.h.

void btManifoldPoint::setDistance ( btScalar  dist)

Definition at line 141 of file btManifoldPoint.h.

Member Data Documentation

btScalar btManifoldPoint::m_appliedImpulse

Definition at line 106 of file btManifoldPoint.h.

btScalar btManifoldPoint::m_appliedImpulseLateral1

Definition at line 107 of file btManifoldPoint.h.

btScalar btManifoldPoint::m_appliedImpulseLateral2

Definition at line 108 of file btManifoldPoint.h.

btScalar btManifoldPoint::m_combinedFriction

Definition at line 93 of file btManifoldPoint.h.

btScalar btManifoldPoint::m_combinedRestitution

Definition at line 95 of file btManifoldPoint.h.

btScalar btManifoldPoint::m_combinedRollingFriction

Definition at line 94 of file btManifoldPoint.h.

btScalar btManifoldPoint::m_contactCFM1

Definition at line 111 of file btManifoldPoint.h.

btScalar btManifoldPoint::m_contactCFM2

Definition at line 112 of file btManifoldPoint.h.

btScalar btManifoldPoint::m_contactMotion1

Definition at line 109 of file btManifoldPoint.h.

btScalar btManifoldPoint::m_contactMotion2

Definition at line 110 of file btManifoldPoint.h.

btScalar btManifoldPoint::m_distance1

Definition at line 92 of file btManifoldPoint.h.

int btManifoldPoint::m_index0

Definition at line 100 of file btManifoldPoint.h.

int btManifoldPoint::m_index1

Definition at line 101 of file btManifoldPoint.h.

btVector3 btManifoldPoint::m_lateralFrictionDir1

Definition at line 116 of file btManifoldPoint.h.

btVector3 btManifoldPoint::m_lateralFrictionDir2

Definition at line 117 of file btManifoldPoint.h.

bool btManifoldPoint::m_lateralFrictionInitialized

Definition at line 104 of file btManifoldPoint.h.

int btManifoldPoint::m_lifeTime

Definition at line 114 of file btManifoldPoint.h.

btVector3 btManifoldPoint::m_localPointA

Definition at line 85 of file btManifoldPoint.h.

btVector3 btManifoldPoint::m_localPointB

Definition at line 86 of file btManifoldPoint.h.

btVector3 btManifoldPoint::m_normalWorldOnB

Definition at line 90 of file btManifoldPoint.h.

int btManifoldPoint::m_partId0

Definition at line 98 of file btManifoldPoint.h.

int btManifoldPoint::m_partId1

Definition at line 99 of file btManifoldPoint.h.

btVector3 btManifoldPoint::m_positionWorldOnA

m_positionWorldOnA is redundant information, see getPositionWorldOnA(), but for clarity

Definition at line 89 of file btManifoldPoint.h.

btVector3 btManifoldPoint::m_positionWorldOnB

Definition at line 87 of file btManifoldPoint.h.

void* btManifoldPoint::m_userPersistentData

Definition at line 103 of file btManifoldPoint.h.

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